Wet Bath Simulator

Wet Bath Simulator

by Lifeloc $845.00

 Introducing the new ALCOSIM™ an accurate, stable wet bath simulator constructed of medical grade plastic and stainless steel providing chemical resistance and anticorrosion characteristics. Incredibly feature rich, the extensive internal sealing provides leak resistance while the power supply detaches allowing you to easily remove the top to add solution. When the ALCOSIM™ reaches operating temperature, the ready light illuminates alerting the user. The ALCOSIM™ thermostatically controls the temperature of the standard solution at a steady 34 ± 0.2°C, the equivalent of human mouth temperature. Accurate, Affordable and Easy to Use. Specifications Size: 227mm x 130mm (11” x 5.1”)Weight: 560 grams (1.2 lbs) Accuracy: +/- 0.05°C Complete Package: ALCOSIM™, power supply, power cord, tubing and mouthpieces.

*Price subject to change without notice.

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