EV30 T GK Kit

EV30 T GK Kit

by Lifeloc $1,395.00


Includes EV30 alcohol tester, thermal printer,1 roll of Thermalast printer paper, custom printer  cable, 34 liter dry gas kit, carrying case, wrist strap, rubber grip, 1 pk of 4 AA batteries, users manual, 10 mouthpieces, calibration adapter, 1-year deluxe warranty, air blank, & printer charger.  

Calibration gas is a non-flammable class 2.2 substance and as such is considered hazardous (hazmat) material for shipping purposes because it is delivered in a compressed cylinder. An additional fee is charged by all carriers for hazardous materials.

To order, call 866-576-6657. MAY NOT BE ORDERED ONLINE.

We want to be certain this product meets your needs, as well as an opportunity for you to receive a discount.

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