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Let KCG Drug Alcohol Solutions design a training program to meet your company's drug and alcohol needs.   We have a network of instructors available across the country and more than 23 years' experience in the drug and alcohol field. KCG provides Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) training and Certified Urine Collection training on-site at your office, or in our training facility located in scenic Evergreen, Colorado. Our small class size, with only six students to an instructor, and our post-training availability and follow-up assures that your staff performs tests accurately, saving your company time and money.
We are certified to train on the Lifeloc PBA and Phoenix; Draeger 7410, Intoximeter AlcoSensor and Alcohol Monitor CC and Alcohol Countermeasures J4Xec. KCG is insured and has been DOT training since 1994. Contact us for your training needs.  We can answer the questions that nobody else can.   Kristina Hogan is the Regional Trainer for DATIA on the eastern slope of Colorado.

Training courses include:

  • Urine collection training with on-site product training
  • DOT-required Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) training
  • Screening test technician training
  • Instructor training - so you can train your own staff
  • Supervisory training - signs and symptoms and legal guidelines
  • Designated Employee Representative (DER) Training
  • Equipment training - Lifeloc, including the Phoenix and the PBA, Draeger 7410, alcohol countermeasures including J4EC and saliva drug and alcohol testers including the QED
  • RECERTIFICATION Training for BATs and Urine Collectors

To sign up for training classes, click on the link on the right-hand side of any page under "Latest News", or to view training and sign up information, click here.

New BAT Training Requirements:

On December 19, 2000, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued an updated version of their 49 CFR Part 40 regulations. These updated regulations titled "Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs" govern how all DOT alcohol testing must be conducted. These regulation changes were effective August 1, 2001, and include changes in the training requirements for individuals who perform DOT alcohol testing.  Effective as of  August 1, 2001, in addition to the current qualification and proficiency training requirements, individuals who perform DOT alcohol testing for U.S. Department of Transportation drug testing must also complete refresher training every five years. Additionally, BATs/STTs must also complete error correction training whenever an alcohol test must be canceled due to a BAT/STT error. This error correction training must be completed within 30 days.

BATs, who were trained more than five years ago, will have to complete the required refresher training. This refresher training was to have been completed by January 1, 2003, and this requirement is in place today as it relates to this certification/training.

For the complete rule and text outlining the BAT/STT Alcohol Technician training requirements, please refer to 49 CFR Part 40.213. You can download a copy of these regulations from the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and compliance website at http://www.dot.gov/ost/dapc/.

If you are doing drug collections you are required to be certified. If you had been doing collections prior to August 1, 2001, you had until January 31, 2003, to get your certification.    If you are new, you cannot begin collection urine samples until you have completed a course and had 5 observed collections (with no errors). Error correction training is also now required for urine collections.

We will be holding courses monthly throughout the year. We are certified to train on the Lifeloc PBA and Phoenix; Draeger 7410, and Alcohol Countermeasures J4Xec.

These courses are designed for BATs who have previously trained that need to complete refresher training as well as employees who need to complete the initial training course. The training course is a one-day course beginning at 8:30  a.m. and finishing around 6 p.m. Please indicate your preferred class date and if you would be interested in attending a collector training session as well.  You may view upcoming sessions on our calendar so see what works best for you or your employees.

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