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How Do You Know if You Have the Right Policies?

When you bring KCG onto your team, you can rest easy knowing that you have not only a great policy, but also the help you need when things go wrong. We can review your current policy for compliance. Or, we can build your company’s substance abuse policy or drug-free workplace policy from the ground up. With over 30 years’ experience in the substance abuse field and DOT training since 1994, we know how to customize policies to fit your needs!

It pays to ensure your company has a comprehensive substance abuse policy that stays compliant and current with DOT and state rules and regulations. A strong policy is your best defense against substance abusers who use health insurance and worker’s comp at a rate of up to eight times the national average. KCG’s DOT compliance consultants can help assure that your company or your collection site stays current and up-to-date. And when you have KCG on your team, getting answers to sudden questions is only a phone call away. We either know the answers or can find the answers that nobody else can.


Just underwent my first DOT audit, thanks to the two accidents we were in last year. Anyway, the auditor just went on and on about our records and more importantly our D&A policy and related material. According to him, this is the best policy he has ever seen! The way you have all the information compiled and in one book just blew him away.

CD – Pueblo, CO

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