• Breath Alcohol Tester - Phoenix 6.0 BT GK Kit

    $2,695.00 Testing Equipment
    Phoenix 6.0 Bluetooth Breath Alcohol Tester  Lifeloc has paired the signature technologies, EasyMode™ software and PermAffix Labeling System™ with Bluetooth wireless printing,  which provides great portability for the collecto...
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  • EV30 T GK Kit

    $1,395.00 Testing Equipment
     Price: PLEASE CALL FOR DISCOUNT PRICING Includes EV30 alcohol tester, thermal printer,1 roll of Thermalast printer paper, custom printer  cable, 34 liter dry gas kit, carrying case, wrist strap, rubber grip, 1 p...
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  • FC20 GK Kit

    $1,560.00 Testing Equipment
    Price: PLEASE CALL FOR DISCOUNT PRICING The state-of-the-art portable breath tester FC-20 combined with a high-quality portable printer Does not meet DOT specifications for confirming alcohol tests Includes FC-20, port...
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